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Contact Lenses

Even though some people enjoy the fashion style of eyeglasses, others prefer their look without them.  Contact lenses provide a full clear vision, which is good for participation in sports and other activity purposes, without any irreversible surgery. There are many types of contact lens brands currently available on the market and are grouped in different categories based on your lifestyle and vision needs. Finding the best lenses for you will depend on your eyes preference regarding:

  • The material that they are made of

  • How long you wear them without removal

  • How often you dispose of them

  • The design of the lens

If you are planning to wear contact lenses for the first time, you will need to make a contact lens exam appointment because they are a prescription item and must be prescribed and properly fitted by an eye doctor.

It might be overwhelming to find the right pair of contact lenses; however, our optometrists will guide you to the contact lens brands that best suit your unique eye regarding the design, material, and lifestyle needs.

Following are the brands that we carry:

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